Seeing pests in your home is really annoying but didn’t you know that the reason they inhabit your home is because you take care of them unknowingly?

There are three (3) major categories that can indicate that you really are helping these pests stay comfortably in your homes. These categories are the shelter, food and tidiness.

Shelter – just like any other inhabitant, may it be in human form or animal, these pests also need shelter. They also sleep and take a rest and your home is their best haven to satisfy their needs for shelter. You may not see them when they rest because they stay in secluded areas in your home just like the cupboard, vents, holes in your walls and even your garage. The find these places very comfortable.

Food – of course one cannot survive without food that is why when these pests are hungry, they will be visible to you since they attack our kitchen and trashcan. Rats often attack behind your back since they are very sneaky. You can’t deny the fact that indeed, these pests are somehow intelligent when it comes to food hunting.

Tidiness – if human can’t handle dirty places, these pests love to stay to these untidy parts of your home. You will notice their presence when you start cleaning your home and you find holes or dirt such as stool. You can even inhale their unpleasant smell and that’s when you know they are just hiding inside your house. You will hear noises of running rats and flying cockroaches and these are really dangerous to our health.

Therefore, if you find these three reasons inside your home, I bet you need some cleaning in your home and of course, the services from your pest controllers.

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