Sometimes people have insect or pest issues inside their home, and think they can fix it by applying a toxic outdoor product. Not only this kill the pests in your home (maybe), it could cause serious health issues for your family. Never use outdoor chemicals inside; see why:

Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution can be almost five times more dangerous than what’s outdoors. Carcinogens in outdoor chemicals are often referred to as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Because of less air flow, these VOCs can be harmful if used indoors. VOCs evaporate and are eventually inhaled by the occupants of the building.

One way to reduce indoor pollution is by purchasing indoor plants that can filter the air. One example is Aloe Vera, which is known to filter the chemical benzene (commonly found in paint). However, a plant alone cannot protect you if you’re using chemicals that are meant for outdoors only.

Spread of Toxicity

Dangerous chemicals don’t always stay in one place; they can be spread by pests, pets, or humans. If outdoor chemicals are spread inside a residence, the chance of someone getting sick increases at an alarming rate. If you accidentally used an outdoor chemical indoors, call a poison control center and get advice immediately. In the future, use natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, water, and essential oils to clean and freshen up your home.

Exposure to Heavy Metals

Any exposure to metals like magnesium, mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, copper, and nickel can cause potentially irreversible brain damage (plus other health issues). These metals are commonly found in outdoor chemicals. Until 1978, lead was commonly used in paint; small particles of dust were inhaled, causing lead poisoning. Annually, hundreds of thousands of children under 6 are poisoned by lead.

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