Ants, despite their size, are very annoying pests. They come in different colors but they are still considered to be home wrecker! Once they get on your skin and bite you, you can’t avoid its effect which is itchiness. Even if it don’t touch your skin, it is still annoying because of the fact that it loves to swarm not just on your walls or inside your cabinets but most especially your sweet food. They love sugar and if they are able to enter the jar, they will totally invade your sugar or other sweet food.

You can’t just spray an insecticide to your sugar so you will be left with no choice but to allow the ants to swim on your hot coffee. But even if you just decided not to use insecticide because of health reasons, there are still ways for you to eradicate the ants in a safer way.

Natural insecticides such as mixing water with detergent or vinegar and spraying it on the direction of the swarming ants is very effective. They are disoriented after they are blown away by the spray. Traps are also effective way to eliminate these ants. You can mix boric acid with sugar and then apply it to an index card or any cardboard. Ants will be stuck to this kind of trap.

Locating the nest of the ants and destroying through pouring of hot boiling water in their nest. You can also block the entrance of their haven to prevent them from entering. There are also natural deterrents such as lemon peels, cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Just draw a line using these materials and these ants won’t be able to pass by the line. It needs weekly application to avoid the ants from entering.

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