Pesticides are your friends to help kill the pests you really hate seeing. Mosquitoes, bugs, rats and other pests found in your home will really get in your nerves if you don’t do anything about it that’s why pesticide was created to ease that kind of feeling.

But before you even use a pesticide and spray it, you need to remember how toxic and harmful the substance to your school is. So it is advisable that you wear protective gears when you spray. A face mask can already help you not to breathe the toxic air coming from the pesticide. Aside from that, wearing a glove is important so that the smell or even the liquid portion of the pesticide won’t get in your skin. You might never know if there is no acidic content on pesticides. But if you happen to use the pesticide with bare hands, you need to wash your hands properly and make sure that no smell has stuck to your skin.

You may also want to use less toxic pesticides so that you will not be exposed a more harmful spray. Pesticides should also be kept in a safe cabinet away from food and of course the children. Once the spray is out of content, you should dispose the pesticide container in a separate trash bag labeled as toxic. Do not place the pesticide near any water pathways, too.

When you spray, start from the utmost corner opposite your exit so that you will not be too much exposed to the pesticide. Always close the windows to allow the pesticide to circulate properly.

Pesticides are very helpful but you really need to protect yourself from toxicity coming from pesticides. This way, you will not be exposed to an unhealthy environment.

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