When it comes to spider control, many people are simply baffled. After all, spiders aren’t insects, so the same things that work on insects won’t necessarily work on spiders. Spiders can be bothersome or even dangerous, depending on what kind of spider you are dealing with. But you can control those spiders with a few simple tips. Here’s how to get started.

Consult with a spider control expert before you do anything.

They can help you identify where you need to start. Every spider control situation is different, so you shouldn’t start anything without the knowledge and experience of an expert. They will advise you about whether extermination is necessary or if basic control tips will solve your problem. They will also help you figure out which steps to do the next few tips in.

Make doors and windows fit tightly.

Make sure that the screens on all of your doors and windows fit tightly and install door sweeps to keep the spiders from getting in under the doors. Also make sure that you seal or caulk any cracks you find throughout the structure that could be allowing spiders to get in. These simple prevention measures will go a long way in keeping the spiders from even getting indoors.

Sometimes the issue is simply that the spiders have too much food to eat.

You may not notice the large amounts of insects around your home or business because the spiders are eating them, but they could be creating the problem. Install sodium vapor or yellow light bulbs around the exterior of your home or business. They will actually reduce the number of insects that are attracted to the vicinity, thus giving spiders less food to eat.

Clear out the clutter from your attic, garage, or anywhere else you have spider problems.

In the case of items that can’t be cleared out, consider sealing them tightly in a plastic bag. Spiders love things that are untouched because they provide the perfect foundation for webs. By sealing up old items and keeping the dust away, you will make the area less hospitable for spiders.

Avoid stacking wood.

Avoid stacking wood against the outside of your home because it could create a great place for spiders to string up their webs. Wood piles can also attract many different kinds of insects, which creates a massive feeding ground for spiders. Pile wood as far away from your home as you can to keep the insects and spiders away.

Consider getting rid of rock piles around your home’s exterior as well.

They can provide a home for insects and make another great place for spiders to build webs.

The more steps you can take to make your home or business inhospitable for spiders, the less of a chance you will have to deal with them on a regular basis. You may find it helpful to start with extermination, but follow the above steps for long term spider control so that you don’t have to keep calling in an exterminator.

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