Aside from burglars and natural disasters that might destroy your home and take away your belongings in an instant, the presence of termites can also ruin your home by eating your house. If you see your wood furniture with hollow portions now, the termites are the ones responsible for it. So if before you allow this pest to eat everything you have, prevent them first from entering your haven.

Since wood is their main target, one way to prevent them from reaching your wooden furniture or parts of your home is to avoid these woods from touching the soil. Termites crawl from soil to your wood so in order to prevent it, have your floorings concreted, stoned or with sand barrier.

Another way to prevent termites is to junk wood debris, leaves and brushes. Termites often live in fallen wood or firewood and stagnant water so you should also keep your gutters and drain clean.

When you want a wood furniture or wood-made part in your home, make sure that you use pretreated wood or termite-resistant wood to avoid infestation from these termites. Also, applying fresh coat of paint into your wooden walls will avoid the entry of these termites. Sealing the attic vents or vents leading to crawlspaces in under your homes can also prevent them from entering.

Just to have a higher probability of termite prevention, a frequent or regular treatment can help. Refurbishments or changing old wood materials from your home is very effective. New set of wood furniture will also help. But if worse happens and termites have already invaded your home, a termite extermination from professional termite exterminators should be done. You have to be very alert in monitoring all corners of your house as well as your furniture.

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