What Are Some Bird Pests? What Damage Can They Cause?

In urban environments, such as cities, pigeons are the most common pest. They can roost on rooftops, cause lots of noise and create an unsanitary environment through their droppings. Pigeon droppings can be smelly and can actually carry disease. House sparrows and starlings are other common urban bird pests that can create unsanitary conditions, noise and droppings.

In suburban locations, you are more likely to encounter crows and blackbirds as your main pest. These birds love to roost in or around a home if they get the chance. They can be noisy, feed on gardening and landscaping plants, spread disease and create droppings all over your property.

Other birds that can become pests and cause problems include: seagulls, hawks, swallows and even woodpeckers. The woodpecker can drill holes into wooden walls and carpentry as it seeks out insects. This can damage walls. It can also create an entryway for other pests such as insects to invade your home. Seagulls, like pigeons, love to nest on rooftops, especially ones that are flat and made out of stone. In large numbers their noise, droppings and feathers can become an issue. Hawks can pose a threat to small pets such as cats and dogs.

Birds Spikes Can Be an Effective Way of Bird Proofing Your Home

One of the most effective and cheapest ways to prevent bird pest problems in and around your home, barn, building or property is through the use of bird spikes. They can be easily mounted on rooftops, gutters and girders. They prevent birds such as pigeons, crows and hawks from landing on your rooftop and roosting there.

One of the benefits of using bird spikes is that it is a humane method. Birds will not be killed from the spikes. Instead, they will be forced to move on and find another location to roost, whether that is another building or hopefully a more natural environment such as a tree or cliff.

Due to the fact that bird spikes are a preventative measure, if you already have a bird pest issue, you will have to remove any birds roosting on your property currently. Only then should you install the bird spikes to deter the birds from coming back onto your property. Bird spikes can be installed yourself or by a professional.

Professional Bird Pest Control in Ontario

If you are suffering from a severe bird pest problem it is best to hire a professional. A professional can humanely and safely remove bird pests without the use of pesticides or having to kill them in most cases. Tall structures are also best handled by a professional to reduce risk of injury. Mr. Pest Control offers safe and effective bird pest control for schools, private homes, apartments and commercial buildings in Ontario. Contact us at 1-888-794-PEST and let us solve your bird pest problem.

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