Centipedes are unpleasant creatures, that most people find scary and disgusting. Seeing one will make most of us jump, scream and even run away just to avoid them. The fact that they crawl so fast that they can escape your shoe or bug spray just makes them worse.

So how can you avoid centipedes getting into your house, or if they’re already there, get rid of them permanently? Well you’re in luck, here are some tips that you can use to avoid an infestation of centipedes in your home.

First Tip: Moisture Control

Have you noticed that centipedes often come out from under sinks? This is because they are attracted to wet, damp areas of your home. Moisture is a sign of wetness therefore a great first step in removing and keeping centipedes away is to keep moisture from building up in your home.

Second Tip: Crack Sealing

Cracks on your walls or floors create a possible entrance to centipedes, therefore sealing them will limit their possible entry. You can repair these cracks with simple sealants found at your local hardware store and a bit of work.

Third Tip: Closing Outside Doors

Don’t invite centipedes with wide open doors. Always make it a rule of thumb to close any doors and screen windows, to avoid letting centipedes and other pests inside.

Fourth Tip: Pesticide Solution

You cannot control all centipedes and there will always be a few that invade your home. When this happens, basic pesticide can do the trick of removing them. Pick up a good pesticide at the store that fits your needs, and place it where you have seen the centipedes, and wait for them to die. Always make sure if you have children or pets that they can’t reach it.

Fifth Tip: Effective Catching

If you have one or two centipedes in your home, you can catch and kill them yourself. But if you see a number of them at one time, or have them visiting every day, you should hire a professional pest controller to do the job for you. These people have the right tools and equipment to eliminate any centipedes on your home, and they can offer advice on keeping your home centipede free in the future.

Centipedes and other pests are a problem, as they get in your food, your clothes and can leave a mess which could be bad for your health. By following this advice, you are one step closer to having a clean, centipede free home. But remember, if the problem is too big, call a professional and end the pest problem permanently.

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