Most of us, or at least a good portion of our population, has the irrational fear of spiders. This fear has been further exaggerated by Hollywood movies showing colossal 8-legged critters invading our homes, terrorizing, and in most cases, devouring hapless humans. These creatures have definitely given us an uneasy feeling when we know it’s in our house and just right in front of us. We know the feeling of having the chills seeing one rushing at you. That is why we, at Mr. Pest Control, would happily extend our hands to homes in need of pest control – like your arachnid foe. Dealing with pests has been our life’s work and that, for over 18 years of service, we have gained a lot of vital knowledge and acquired the latest technological trends to deal with these nuisance creatures. The products we use to exterminate these invaders have been approved by Health Canada, thereby ensuring an environmentally safe and health-friendly extermination procedure. Moreover, our team of exterminators is certified by the Ministry of Environment and have been well-trained in Environmental Pest Management. These licensed specialists ensure that they do the job well with high regards to client satisfaction. We provide our services to all homes or businesses that needs some serious pest control or even some minor ones. We take our job seriously that is why we train our service specialists with all the latest trends on pest control.

Pest control doesn’t just take a single day. It requires some maintenance and preventive measures to keep the pesky critters from coming back. Aside from actively exterminating the pests, we always make sure that our clients are educated with regards to pest control. We provide tips and lectures to give them some idea on how to control these pests in order to keep their population to the minimum. We believe that our clients deserve to relax well in their homes without having to worry about seeing a spider on the ceiling or even in the bathroom.

In all the years we’ve been in service, we have maintained an excellent reputation as we have kept our clients worry-free from spiders and other creepy-crawlies lurking in every crack in your home. After all, it is our specialty and we always do our job in clearing out spiders in whatever structure it may have infested with minimal disruption from normal household routine or office works. So, if you are having a hard time dealing with your spider problems, we got you covered. It all takes just a single phone call.

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