Mosquitoes do not just spoil the fun during an evening outdoor activity but may also cause bites that can be very painful and itchy. More importantly, mosquitoes are known to be carriers of numerous diseases. And worse, they are known to multiply rapidly thereby increasing the risk of diseases in the homes.

In order for mosquitoes to breed, they require water where adult mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water or slow moving water. They may even breed in moist soil and in things where water may accumulate or form a pool. By eliminating these water sources, the spread of mosquitoes in the homes may be controlled or even eliminated. Here are some suggestions in achieving this:

Dispose Items That May Hold Water

Any item that may hold water is a potential habitat for mosquitoes. These may come in the form of used tires, cans, pails, and even old toys. It these things are not used anymore, it would be best to dispose them. Those that may be of value may be rid of water and stocked in a place where water may not accumulate.

Check Property after a Rain

Rains will always be a good source of water that may accumulate or dampen the grounds. After a heavy downpour, it would be advisable to check the property for areas where drainage is not going smoothly, particularly the yard outside the house. Be sure to drain the water from these areas. If there are places where water tend to stagnate for a number of days, there might be a need to do some landscaping work.

Items That May Hold Water Should be Dumped Regularly

It should be a regular practice to dump anything in the home that may hold water. Keeping the water for longer periods may only invite mosquitoes. Pots including the saucers underneath should be emptied of water after a heavy rain and checked at least twice a week. The same goes for other items such as garbage can lids and other pottery. Footbaths or birdbaths should also undergo the same process.

Gutters Must be Unclogged

Another favorite breeding place for mosquitoes would be water that has accumulated in the gutters. Effort must be done to check the gutter since these may not be always visible. Make sure they are clean and free of any substances. Downspout should likewise be checked if they are draining water properly. If repairs may be required, this must be done immediately. If needed, spouts may have to be rerouted or extensions added to it in order for water to flow easily.

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