First, let’s set the record straight about ladybugs:

  • Ladybugs do not damage your home.
  • They do not bite or sting like other indoor pests such as fleas and bedbugs.
  • They do not carry diseases, but there is a possible link between them and indoor allergies.
  • They are identified as a pest, solely by their presence. They tend to amass in large numbers, sometimes covering windows or getting into pipes. Flies and ladybugs both can make their presence so large that you cannot ignore them.

Why do ladybugs like to infiltrate your home?

Ladybugs (also known as “Lady Beetles” or “Ladybirds”) are a wonderful addition to any garden. They eat aphids and keep other pests off your plants. However, when temperatures drop, the adult ladybugs seek somewhere warm to survive the winter. A warm house just happens to be perfect choice. Normally, ladybugs will hibernate under rocks and in natural crevices that hold heat from the sun’s rays. However, if they find an opening to your home they may choose a different location!

The challenge of removing ladybugs

Ladybugs communicate through pheromones (chemicals), helping them find each other when it’s time to mate or to share a great hibernating spot for future generations. That’s right: Ladybugs in your house are right now are sending up a signal that your home is open for business. Getting rid of the pheromones is difficult. The insects often lurk in walls before emerging into a home, so the pheromones are in places you cannot reach.

How to deter ladybugs from entering your home

  • Wash down the outside of your house. It will not get rid of all the pheromones but it will help.
  • Ladybugs are often attracted to older houses. Make sure your home is weather-proofed and sealed.

With ladybugs, the keyword is prevention. Stop them before there’s a problem. If your prevention efforts have failed, call the professionals. Mr. Pest Control can help with keep pests out or rid your home of unwanted intruders like ladybugs, bed bugs, flies, roaches, fleas, and more. We offer free estimates and guarantee our work. Remember home pest control does not have to be stressful. Call us at 1-800-351-9620.

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