Many worldwide health issues such as e.coli and destruction of crops are spread or caused by flies. By understanding more about this insect and how insidious it can be, you may be more able to discern when you need professional extermination services.

  1. Flies can live up to forty days; the first ten is their young life and the last thirty qualifies as “adult life.”
  2. During the summer, twelve generations of flies are born. Each of these generations carry up to five hundred larvae.
  3. The larvae are cream-colored with no feet and referred to as maggots.
  4. Flies are members of the Order Diptera, meaning they have two wings, causing them to land often, increasing opportunity to spread disease.
  5. They have over half a billion microorganisms on their body and feet.
  6. Two food-borne diseases they cause are E. coli and salmonella.
  7. At least sixty-five different diseases are known to be linked to house flies. Some of these are anthrax, leprosy, tuberculosis, and typhoid fever.
  8. Ten billion dollars’ worth of produce is contaminated or destroyed yearly because of diseases spread by flies.
  9. For every one fly seen, there are nineteen unseen. This means a person does not realize how many flies might truly be in their home.
  10. Flies prefer light and are more likely to migrate toward windows and doors.

If you’ve discovered flies on your chicken before you were able to put it in the oven, or have more flies than you think an average home should be hosting, it’s time to investigate. Mr. Pest Control is here to help you avoid allowing a stressful situation turn into a severe one.

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