One of the most considerable impediments encountered by most commercial buildings, particularly the food chains, restaurants, and hotels are vermin. A well-maintained commercial establishment begins with three fundamental commercial pest control techniques such as inspection, cleanliness, and elimination.


Once it has been confirmed that there are pest residing inside your building, the first step that must be done is to inspect it. This involves discovering where the pests are harboring, breeding, and even traveling in order for you to easily know on where exactly you are going to concentrate your pesticides. One of the places that must be inspected are the sinks, floor drains, trash bins, electrical boxes, electrical outlets, wall voids, crevice, kitchen cabinets and any hollow tubes on the legs of the appliances and other things that have breaks. You can utilize glue boards if you desire to inspect it yourself so as to monitor the areas resided by pests.


Keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure. So, in order for you to prevent the pests from accumulating inside your establishment, you should consider proper sanitation of the entire place. All of the purported areas where pests can live must also be cleaned up in a regular basis, especially before everyone would leave the work area. If this is left uncleaned, then there will be a high chance that pests will amass in this certain area.


A right way of eliminating pests is to do it right away. If you want to terminate the pests in your area, then be sure to do it immediately. You don’t want to let your guests know that pests exist in your home right? That would really be so embarrassing. In addition, be certain that seals on the doors and windows are tight, seal each and every opening that would lead inside your home, be sure to always close your windows most especially if they are not screened. Also, getting rid of pests outside your home is also a great prevention from pest invasion

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