Mice are always looking for an upgrade in their living situation and your house might be the one they are looking at. Mice are not particular, a shed, one bedroom home, or a mansion will all suffice for their living conditions. The first thing you should realize – it doesn’t mean your home is filthy or you should be embarrassed. Mice, while they do carry disease, do not represent the cleanliness or quality of your home. Homeowners do not want the uninvited quests, so here are some tips you can do around your home to prevent mice from being a problem.

First, you need to take away any hiding places on your property where a mouse may create a nest. Mice are trying to cover themselves from predators, so they are always looking for any area that offers protection. They tend to look for tall grass, woodpiles, sheds, or any area that can offer them cover. Try to keep your grass cut and keep any woodpiles or storage areas clean, organized, and eliminate weeds/long grass around them. If you keep these structures and piles away from your home will also prevent them from moving from one to the other.

Second, seal any opening s around the home. A mouse can get through very tiny holes about ¼ of an inch, so a small opening beside an incoming pipe, outgoing vent/chimney, Check the obvious places first, such as a loose screen around a window or door or loose shingles. Fill any of these tiny holes to prevent a mouse from getting into your home.

Third, remove any food sources that will attract mice. Bird food, pet foods, and garbage tend to attract mice. Having them in your garage or area near your home will attract the mice; the next natural progression is for them to move into your home. Within your house, make sure all your food is stored in solid containers. Also, make sure you keep tight areas clean. Crumbs behind fridges, stoves, cupboards are great sources of food for mice

Lastly, Make sure your soffits are tightly fastened. An opening in a soffit will allow mice to get into your attic and then right down into your home. You may think that a mouse cannot get that high, but they are able to find their way up high, so always ensure that they are sealed properly.

Mice can be a nuisance, carry disease, and do damage within a house so you will want to prevent them from getting in. Mice are more than just an aggravation; they can actually be dangerous. Preventing them from being around your home on the outside is the first step, preventing access is the second, and making sure they do not have a food source is the third way to keep them out.

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