There are four stages of the flea lifecycle which include the egg, larva, pupae, and adult flea. When the flea emerges as an adult, it can cause real issues for your pet and you as well. Once we understand the lifecycle of the flea, it is much easier to get it out of our homes and lives. Fleas in the house tend to be brought in by our furry friends. The warm coat of our pet gives rise to a perfect environment for fleas to thrive.


When a healthy adult female has engorged herself with a blood meal, and she is ready to lay 40-50 eggs on your pet. She does this with a smile on her face. These eggs take anywhere from 2-10 days to hatch and in the meantime may fall off of your pet and into the carpet or fabric. One of its favorite place to relax.


The larval stage of the flea also happens in your pet’s favorite resting place. Now, that it has infiltrated your nice, warm, cozy home, it doesn’t have a reason to leave. With the necessity to molt three times, it can spend anywhere from 7-21 days at this stage. While, it feeds on the adult flea’s feces and other random particles.


When the larva is ready to evolve, it wraps itself in a silk-like fiber cocoon. This shell is hard and gives the flea a safe place to change into its adult form. With this coat of armor, it becomes more resistant to the environment, allowing it to survive harsher conditions than the previous life stages. This is quite an impressive feat because it can stay in this state from 7-200+ day, waiting for the exact right conditions to emerge.

Adult Flea

Voila! We have reached the stage of the flea’s life which we recognize the most. The black-brown, piercing mouth parts, jumping, and terrifying hooked appendages, THE FLEA! Also, let’s not forget the bilaterally compressed body, which prevents us from killing it by pinching it with our fingers. How thoughtful. Finally, after some one on one time, with a male and female flea, the cycle can start all over again.


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