Wasps, like bees, have stingers. Being stung by a wasp can be an unpleasant experience. A wasp sting transmits a venom that can be both itchy and painful. Though bees are only able to sting once, wasps can sting their victims multiple times. Their stingers remain intact after an attack. Normally, a sting doesn’t pose much risk to an average person; it fades within a day or two. However, for those who are allergic, anaphylactic shock can result. If you enjoy the summer spending time outdoors, it’s good to know some wasp sting symptoms and first aid:


A wasp sting can have different effects. If you are not allergic, you’ll likely experience a simple red welt around the punctured skin. Swelling will usually subside within a few hours. A cream or gel specifically designed to alleviate wasp sting pain can likely be purchased at your local pharmacy.

Should you have allergies to insect stings, you may develop more pronounced symptoms. These include extreme swelling and redness (lasting days after the initial sting), nausea, difficulty breathing, and vomiting.

Physical reactions vary. Those without allergies may still experience severe symptoms. It is also possible that your body will react differently to subsequent stings. If you have a wasp problem in your area, contact a pest control company to avoid pain and protect those who are most vulnerable.


For mild reactions, clean the area around the sting. Wash with soap and water to remove as much venom as possible. Apply ice to reduce redness and swelling. You can also cover the area with a bandage.

If you are aware that you have a bee or wasp sting allergy and are attacked, administer an EpiPen right away. Carry the medicine with you at all times. If you don’t think you have allergies, take some painkillers — but if your reaction becomes severe, seek emergency medical attention immediately.

Wasp stings can range from troublesome (for most) to potentially deadly for those who are allergic. If you notice a wasp nest near your home in Orillia or Barrie areas, contact Mr. Pest Control at 1-888-794-PEST(7378).

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