There might be raccoons enjoying the fruits of your labour, a.k.a your home garden, a family of squirrels residing in your attic, or birds building nests in your gutters. But before you think of getting rid of these animals right away, you should consider planning on how you can fix the issue in the most humane way possible and that is by hiring efficient and ethical wildlife control services.

What Is Wildlife Control?

Wild animals may be considered pests, but they are different from rats or mice that are dealt with by regular pest control services.

Wildlife control focuses on larger animals, such as birds, squirrels, and raccoons. Companies that provide wildlife control services help resolve wildlife conflict and nuisance while preventing damage.

Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Wildlife Control

Raccoons are among the most common wild animals that damage homes

If you care for wildlife, you shouldn’t simply go straight toward extermination. Instead, invest in a company that provides ethical wildlife control services.

1. Looking for long-term fixes? Extermination is not it.

Wild animals like bats can carry diseases

For some people, seeing damage caused by wildlife will most likely prompt them to call for an extermination service provider right away. While this is understandable since there is always the possibility of them carrying diseases, proper removal should be observed no matter what.

If you hire ethical wildlife removal services, it’s a fix that can benefit you in the long run. This is because such companies do not deal with the problem at face value, and they ensure that they resolve the root cause that may be leading these wild animals to reside and wreck your premises.

One of the ways they do it is by making sure that entry or passageways they use to access your property are sealed shut or refitted so they can no longer enter your home or establishment ever again.

2. Wild animals deserve and have every right to live.

Just like humans, wild animals also seek to meet their basic needs

Like humans, wild animals have every right to live and meet their basic needs, such as shelter, food, and safety. Their presence may be considered a nuisance, but this does not warrant you to hurt them.

And with many of them being displaced due to the urbanisation of many wildlife habitats, we should take it upon ourselves to find other ways to ensure that they are removed from our property properly without having to resort to killing. In one way or another, we humans are one of the primary reasons why they are left with no proper habitat in the first place.

3. You don’t want to get in trouble with your local laws.

Imagine having the first encounter with a wild animal in your home. One of the first things you will likely do is to contact a known pest control services provider in your area. However, you have to keep in mind that although wild animals are considered pests, getting rid of them involves methods distinct from controlling actual pests, as in the case of bed bugs and cockroaches.

Opting for a regular pest control company may not be the best option as they will most likely make use of poison or any pesticide. You also have to take into account that such methods are illegal by your local laws, especially since some of these animals are protected by the law due to the declining populations.

Foolproof Ways to Control Wildlife

Often, the best way to control wild animals is to simply not attract their presence to your property by making it animal-proof. Here are some foolproof ways you can start doing to ensure these creatures won’t cause damage and problems.

Feeding birds may mean feeding other wild animals in your vicinity

  • Do not place bird feeders. These will also attract other animals such as raccoons or squirrels. But if you still want to feed the birds, just place enough food for the birds to eat during the day.
  • Do you have a home garden? You surely wouldn’t want the literal fruits of your labour to go to waste. So, put up your defences and invest in a quality fence to keep wild animals away.
  • Do you have a pool, pond, or any fixture in your lawn that stores large amounts of water? You may want to cover it since this will become your neighbouring wild animals’ primary source of water.

Keep wild animals off of your lawn or home garden the proper way

  • Do not leave your gutters, vents, and other nooks and crannies unchecked. These may be used as shelter by wild animals. Have a professional inspect these areas if you think there is a family of wild animals residing in them.
  • Do secure your trash bins because they can be a source of food for wildlife. In doing so, you ensure that they will not harm themselves in the process, particularly eating plastic containers.

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