Lots of people know that the major carriers of disease causing germs or viruses are pests that are not only found outside the houses but also located indoors. One of the leading pests that multiply very fast and serve as vectors are the cockroaches. These pests breed in places that are dump and dark and usually fed on left over foods and transfer diseases as they crawl from sewerage or drainage to the utensils or other objects in the house. This becomes a threat to every resident especially to those who have children or vulnerable ones at home. And to solve this, residents seek services for pest treatment. However, the treatment produces hazardous chemicals that are also bad for the health for those who live there and with their pets. How can it be solved?

Most pesticide products contain active ingredients which are primarily used to repel and control the reproduction and kill these pests. The main chemicals are piperonyl butoxide, isopropanol, pyrethrins, carbon dioxide, permethrin, distillates petroleum and more. Since these chemicals aim to kill and are poisonous, proper handling and usage should be followed to prevent negative effects to humans and pets in the house.

Normally, residents are asked to go out before the start of the pest treatment and are advised to remain out from their homes for several hours to make sure that the chemicals are already at low level or completely gone. However, this type of preparation is not enough. There are special procedures which should be taken into consideration before and after doing the pest treatment. Prior to the arrival of the treatment team, residents are instructed to clean the entire house and remove everything from the kitchen drawers or cabinets such as dishes and keep them in a secured plastic bag and place them in the center of the living room or dining room floor. If there is opened food, discard it and if it is unopened, place it on the living room floor too. The same thing will be applied in the bathrooms including the medicines and vanity contents as well as towels. Residents should also see to it that their pet items are also secured and properly stocked. Fishbowls or aquarium should be covered with towels or plastic bags to prevent contaminations. Children items are also to be kept properly. Next to that, residents, together with their pets are asked to stay away from their house and keep away for several hours. For elderly and children, they should be kept away for 24 hours. Finally, after the treatment, residents should clean their house again before putting back their things to their proper places. These are some of the basic safety precautions that must be done before and after pest treatments.

Many companies are giving off free instructions before they do house pest treatments, but not all are providing proper and detailed instructions. Here in Barrie Pest Control, we guarantee quality cockroach treatment preparations. We ensure safety to our valued customers so that we can provide detailed safety precautions in a critical way. We are prepared in every manner abut keeping our work effective and at the same time the safety of the residents is also our priority.

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