Getting rid of insects or rodents in a house is a job always best handled by professionals. From small “creepy crawlers” to sizeable animals, home invaders come in different types and sizes. Getting rid of them takes different, specialized approaches.

Sometimes, people think that they can handle pest removal on their own. Only professionals can declare a place has been made pest-free. Most do-it-yourself solutions are only temporary.

Trying to do your own pest control and removal can potentially make problems worse. The many misconceptions floating around regarding extermination, in particular, only do a disservice to home and property owners with a bug issue. Check out this list to learn why pest control is best left to the professionals:

1. If you don’t see it, there’s no infestation. Insects like termites and ants are good at being inconspicuous. They can cause severe damage to a home before you notice signs of an infestation. It is best to catch these critters right away. A regular inspection by a trustworthy pest control technician can identify bug problems that you may not see.

2. Bed bugs are easy. There’s a persistent rumour that bed bugs can be eradicated by a novice. Bed bugs are quite resilient and a store-bought treatment is ineffective. Seeking professional help as soon as you notice signs of bed bugs could save your clothing, your bedding, and your furniture. You may also be able to avoid skin itching and other health issues caused by the bugs feeding on your blood. It’s not an infestation to ignore or try to manage on your own.

3. Pesticides are all you need. Many “pesticides” fail to remove insects. The problem with these hardware store sprays and “bombs” is they don’t target the nesting areas. Colonies will continue to increase without professional pest control intervention. Pesticides can also be toxic for humans and pets. An experienced pest control company can safely remove bugs from your property.

4. Pests completely disappears after “DIY” treatment. Possibly the most common misconception about pest control is that all pest activity will cease after the extermination process. However, some removal efforts take more than one treatment. The risk of recurrence is real, and Borax or diatomaceous earth will not fully eliminate invaders.

While using pesticides or do-it-yourself remedies may seem appealing, they ultimately may prove to be costly. Only by hiring professionals do you stand a chance of eradicating pests.

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