Many online sources, magazines, and other articles will claim they know how to solve pest problems without the assistance of professionals. However, these efforts often create more problems. The average person doesn’t have expert knowledge, tools, or the skill set to get rid of insects or wildlife safely. Some specific reasons why DIY pest control is unwise include:

1. Danger

Common pests may seem easy to remove yourself but many of them are dangerous. Attempting to get rid of pests like bees, rats, or spiders can result in your being stung or bitten. Bees respond aggressively to attempts to remove their hives, which can end with you being stung multiple times. Many animals (e.g. rats, squirrels, and cockroaches) can be carriers of diseases like rabies.

2. Ineffective

You are unlikely to know the best methods to identify which pests are plaguing you or how to remove them. Pests often hide in places you cannot reach without special equipment. Your DIY attempts are no guarantee that pests are completely eliminated, which can lead to a later resurgence of the problem.

3. Environmental Damage

When using DIY methods, it is easy to overuse pest control products, which can inadvertently cause damage to the local ecosystem. Residue from chemicals may leak into the soil and damage local plants, or reach groundwater — contaminating it. Pesticides and other chemicals can harm other wildlife in the area.

4. Risk to Health

Pesticides can be hazardous to the health of anyone living in the house, especially if you aren’t trained in how to apply them properly. It is possible to accidentally poison other people or pets while applying pesticides. Pest control professionals know how to use these products without putting anyone at risk.

5. Excessive Costs

DIY methods eventually prove expensive since you may have to apply products repeatedly, only to have the problem reoccur. Paying a pest control service to remove the problem also prevents it from returning in the future.

When facing a pest infestation, it’s always best to contact pest control services to ensure a definitive end to the issue. Residents in the Greater Toronto Area can contact Mr. Pest Control at (705) 739-7378 or (705) 326-3377.

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