Lyme Disease is an illness spread by bites from ticks. It can affect and irritate the skin and hurt the heart, joints, and nervous system. Lyme disease occurs in a series of stages, starting at the site of the tick bite. A ring of redness expands from the bite. The disease can be treated with antibiotics but it is best to catch it right away.

The first phase of Lyme Disease usually begins within three to thirty days after the bite has transmitted the infection to its host. This stage seen by noticeable skin inflammation.

Stage One, Its Aftermath, and Symptoms

  1. The bite area expands and can even cover up to 12 inches in width. Some rashes will look like a “bullseye.”
  2. Victims often experience flu-like symptoms. If left untreated, abnormalities can form in the heart, joints, and nervous system.
  3. Many victims don’t recall being bitten but experience fatigue, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes, fever, and headache.
  4. Avoid a tick bite is by staying away from areas infested by ticks.
  5. Spray your bare skin with insect repellent containing DEET.
  6. Wear long sleeves and long pants (tucked into boots) when hiking or walking through grassy areas that may have ticks.
  7. Always check the skin and scalp for ticks on yourself and pets after walking in parks and wooded areas.
  8. Wash your skin and scalp after hiking to prevent transmission of Lyme disease, in case a tick has bitten you and fallen off.
  9. If bitten by a deer tick that has been attached for at least 36 hours, a dose of doxycycline (provided by your emergency clinic or family physician) can help prevent the spread of Lyme disease.
  10. There are vaccines being developed for the prevention of Lyme disease.

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