Termites are destructive creatures and can cause considerable damage to the structure of any building. Frequently, a home buyer will request a termite inspection before they sign on the dotted line to purchase. This is a smart step. Hidden termite damage could easily destroy a home from within the walls, undetected, until it’s too late. Statistics show that termites cause more damage to homes than all natural disasters combined. Termites are found in North America and worldwide.

The Silent Enemy

Termites are called “the silent enemy” because they hide in the walls. This might sound like a horror movie, but it’s what they do. These tiny insects live in the walls of a building and quietly chew through wallpaper, wood, fiber boards without detection. Their invasion of a home or building might go unnoticed for months (or years) before detection. It is estimated that termites cause billions in damage to buildings.

Termite Species

There are different types of termite species. An estimated 2,600+ species exist across the globe. About 50 are located in America. Here are three:

  • Dampwood termites — a sight to behold; they are much larger than the normal termite. This species is found in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. They frequent damp spots in a house and love to feast on damp wood. Avoid these pests by keeping your building dry.
  • Drywood termites — love to chew wood, wallpaper, plastic and plants. They frequently tunnel through buildings, weakening them and creating potential for huge damage. Deter these insects by sealing cracks in floors and walls.
  • Underground termites — also a big problem. They feast on wood and plants and also cause destruction to structures. Deter these insects by directing drains away from the home.

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