Having cockroaches inside your home is never a pleasant experience. These pests can pose a number of health risks to your family. They might carry a variety of diseases, and have the ability to cause asthma attacks in children.

You can prevent the possibility of exposing your family to a number of health risks caused by these critters. Identify a possible cockroach infestation and have a professional pest service take care of the problem. Here are some signs that might indicate a possible cockroach infestation:

A pungent, musty odour. The smell might begin as a faint, odd odour in your home, but gets stronger as the infestation grows. Both live and dead cockroaches produce an oil that emits this smell. If you think there’s an odd scent in your house, you may have a roach problem.

Live cockroaches appear in the daytime. Cockroaches are nocturnal by nature, so seeing one in broad daylight is a sign you have a cockroach infestation, and may have existed for some time. These pests generally come out of their nests at night to scavenge for food. They unwillingly appear during the day if there are so many of them that some have to seek new territory.

You find droppings. Roach droppings bear a resemblance to black pepper or ground coffee. If you see this evidence in areas like the bathroom or between a wall and a piece of furniture, you may be certain there is a roach problem in your home. If you find a large amount of droppings in one specific area, roaches may be passing through. Block off this area and remove anything they might be attracted to, such as paper and food.

Roach smears. Roaches leave brown, irregularly-shaped smears on surfaces where water is located. These signs can be spotted on kitchen counters, bathroom floors, and other damp areas where cockroaches seek a water source.

Check for cockroach infestation in areas where it is dark and damp. Some species of cockroaches can survive in drier and cooler areas, like the Oriental Cockroach, so do not confine your search to the basement. Bathroom cabinets, under kitchen sinks and cupboards, pipes and drainage systems nooks and crannies in laundry room are all locations to investigate when you suspect a home roach infestation.

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