Raccoons are considered as social animals within their family groups. They are also called as ‘bandits’. They like to live in human dwellings which add them to a classification of pest species. They are known widely for their inquisitive and destructive nature. Most home and business owners complain about raccoons for toppling into trash cans, stealing pet food, living in the attic and chimney, and sick or rabid raccoons which can potentially harm other pets. That is why many have been wanting to get these animals captured and expelled from their properties.

They are good at picking things apart with their paws which can create a handprint, since they have nimble fingers. They can make an array of sound which could help you distinguish if any disturbances in your property are caused by them. Raccoons can snarl, whimper, hiss, growl and scream. Another fact is that they are very agile and their diet consists of almost anything, which includes: snakes, squirrels, insects, frogs, fish, nuts, berries and leaves. It is important to enforce protective measures to prevent raccoons from destroying your homes and businesses. It is said that raccoons are their own sign. So, if you see that there have been structural damages in your attic or a part of your property, then there’s a great chance that it could be them.

There are no proven pesticides in preventing these animals from destroying your homes and properties. But, here are some tips that you can follow. You have to minimize access to foods, shelter and water. Don’t feed your animals outside as much as possible. This could also include trapping and removing raccoons. So, if you are thinking of eradicating raccoons, you have to keep in mind that even though these animals are destructive and annoying, you can’t kill them. There is a specific law that should be followed in handling these animals . As soon as you get a chance of trapping a raccoon, they still have to be fed with food and water. Also, they have to be given to a wildlife expert or any animal shelter.

In order to make sure that the raccoon is the culprit, the first thing to do is ask for an inspection from a pest control expert. Regardless, of what pest problems you have, it is always suggested to leave the work to the professionals. Consider some professional help from us as we always try to get rid any of your pest problems. We have been in the industry for over 18 years and have been accredited for the service we offer. Our team has the skills and training that can help you safeguard your homes and businesses. We have the proper products and means to help you with your pest problems. Call us immediately and we will gladly help you.

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