Pests are more than just a nuisance, they can also pose threats to your home. Find out why you need to get rid of pests as soon as you see signs of them.

The Most Common House Pests

There are a variety of pests that can infest your home. Below are the most common ones:

  • Mice and Rats

This winter, rats and mice will most likely seek refuge from the cold in your home. They can get into your house through entryways like doors and windows and even small holes in your walls. They bring with them a number of severe transmissible diseases, so keep an eye out for them.

  • Cockroaches

Cockroaches, like rats and mice, are drawn to your home by piles of filthy dishes, waste, crumbs, and leftover food. Cockroaches can go for long periods of time without food and water and can go for up to a month without sustenance. They are more likely to seek shelter and warmth in your home as winter approaches.

  • Bed bugs

In the summer, bed bugs are more likely to cause an infestation than in the winter. However, this does not rule out the possibility of their being active over the winter. Bed bugs can attach themselves to luggage, coats, clothing, and a variety of other items that people use and bring when they travel. Bed bugs can cause a variety of ailments including infections, allergic reactions, and a weakened immune system. If you find bed bugs, it’s best to deal with them as soon as possible.

  • Termites

Termites can inflict millions of dollars in damage to houses each year all across the world. They’re commonly referred to as “silent destroyers.” Termites can gnaw through wood, and some homeowners aren’t aware they have termites until significant damage has already occurred.

Damage Caused by Pests

Pests can cause severe damage to your home

Pests are not only unpleasant to live with, but they can also cause significant damage to your house. As a result, it’s critical to deal with pests in your home as soon as you notice them. Some of the most common house pests may do a lot of harm in a short amount of time. Here are some of the things pests may do to your home:

  • Minor and Major Structural Damage

Even small damage to the structure of your home can be deadly. Because wood is one of the most common materials used in home building, pests such as termites, beetles, and ants can cause serious damage. Even though these pests will take some time to cause substantial damage to your property, you should deal with them sooner rather than later because any damage to your home’s framework and foundation can be very costly and difficult to repair.

  • Electrical Damage

The teeth of rats and mice are constantly growing and need to be dealt with regularly. To dull the pain and keep their teeth in great shape, they chew on anything they can get their hands on — including wires. As a result, rodents can bring about electrical outages, short circuits, and even fires.

  • Furniture Damage

Pests are drawn to your home because it provides them with warmth and shelter. As a result, your furniture, particularly your sofa, might provide excellent protection for them. Pests will frequently dig or chew small holes in your furniture in order to burrow deeper into it. As they build these small holes in their new home, they’ll bring various food or rubbish with them. As time goes on, you’ll notice droppings and urine, both of which can be a source of disease transmission.

  • Damage to Clothes, Carpets, and Other Fabric Materials in the Home

Moths and other pests such as termites, cockroaches, and silverfish are drawn to wool and hair fibres, and other pests such as termites, cockroaches, and silverfish are drawn to any form of cloth. They can harm property by gnawing small holes, leaving stains, and emitting an unpleasant odour. Because some of these bugs are also germ carriers, they can affect not just your clothes but also your health.

  • Siding and Soffit Holes

Pests such as squirrels, rats, and mice can create holes in your sidings and soffits. If you haven’t checked your attic in a long time, it might be time to do so. Experts agree that pests such as squirrels are one of the main contributors to mystery fires.

Tips on How to Deal With House Pests

Dealing with pests early can save you from major structural damage and health issues

  • Properly Dispose of Trash and Leftover Food

Most pests are attracted to the endless supply of leftover food from unkept trash bins that your house provides. To prevent pests from coming to your home, always seal off those trash bins with leftover food and make sure there’s not enough space for pests to come through.

  • Seal Doors, Windows, and Holes in the Walls

Pests can easily enter your home through gaps in the walls, open doors, and open windows. Make sure none of these are left open to prevent pests from entering. If you need to keep doors open for ventilation, screen doors are the greatest option since they enable air to flow through while keeping pests out. Check for holes and minor gaps in windows and walls on a regular basis to ensure they don’t become large enough to allow bugs in.

  • Seek the Help of a Professional

Are pest control services worth the money? The services of a professional are unrivalled. To begin with, they have the appropriate equipment to handle any insect problem you may have. They not only kill bugs but also help remove pest-infested regions. Exterminators can also help you clean up the residue left by the chemicals or materials they used to get rid of the bugs in your home.

Pests can harm your house in a variety of ways. Regardless of whether the infestation is in its early or late phase, you must deal with it to avoid a big mishap. Contact a reputable and experienced pest control professional if you’re not sure how to deal with the pests. If you’re looking for a reliable pest control partner in Midland, Barrie, or Orillia, Mr. Pest Control is here for you. Call 705-326-3377 today to safeguard your house from pests.

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