Whether you live in a rural or urban area, you may be faced with the problem of a wild creature causing a problem in or around your home, and need a wildlife removal service. Wildlife removal services can be used for any nuisance animals. The most common forms include squirrels, raccoons, possums, snakes, armadillos, bats and skunks.


Many urban areas have seen a population explosion of raccoons in the past decade. Raccoons are very adaptable creatures and many have moved from their native homes in trees to live in sewers and they have also learnt how to enter chimneys and attacks. It is not recommended to attempt removal of a raccoon from your home by yourself.

Mother raccoons can be extremely protective of her young. If a raccoon is nursing pups in your home then setting a trap can be very dangerous. It is also difficult for a non-professional to judge the age of the pups. The pups could be almost full grown size which means that in confronting a mother raccoon, you could be attacked by five or six raccoons at once. Raccoons tend to settle in quiet areas of the home such as attics, this poses a risk if your attic has no flooring, which does not allow a quick retreat in the event of coming face to face with a raccoon.


Squirrels are another common intruder in homes. They can very easily chew through the siding of your home to enter in between the floors or into the attack. Squirrels provide a very common pest threat since they can chew on wiring causing extensive damage and a potentially serious fire hazard.

Many wildlife removal services will set a trap on the squirrel’s entry point into the home. This is usually a one way trap which allows the squirrels to leave but they are unable to re-enter. Persistent squirrels need to be trapped and removed from the property to be re-homed in a legal refuge for wildlife.


Armadillos can cause a great deal of damage to the landscaping of your home. They dig up lawn areas and plants while going about their business, resulting in costly landscaping bills. A single armadillo can have as many as ten burrows. They can feed on fire ants and white grubs removing them from your yard, but their foraging also involves a lot of digging. These holes are normally only a few inches wide and deep yet they can uproot plants as they search for food. Removal of an armadillo usually involves trapping the animal in a wire cage to be relocated elsewhere.

Bats and rats

Bats and rats can repopulate a number of times a year, which means that your property can very quickly become seriously infested. Both types of wildlife pose a serious health threat, as these species can carry a number of diseases which can affect humans. These types of wildlife infestation need to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

It can actually be counter-productive for homeowners to attempt removal of bats and rats by themselves, as disturbing nests can cause these pests to spread to other areas of the house. They tend to find a home in areas which are warm and cozy, so homeowners should always be alert for early warning signs such as droppings or paw and tail marks in dust patches of floor surfaces.

If you are worried that you may have an infestation of wildlife in or around your home, please contact us. We have the expertise, experience and equipment to safely deal with wildlife removal quickly and effectively. We can also provide advice and guidance to homeowners to reduce the risk of re-occurrence.

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